We want to assure our guests that we continue to be very mindful of the coronavirus, taking steps to ensure that our risk assessments, precautions and protocols remain appropriate for the current situation.

Facial covers will remain optional, depending on the individual choices of both our guests and hotel staff, and we will be mindful that some of our guests will still prefer a little extra space during their stay with us.

Our guests know and expect that exceptional service, impeccable housekeeping, hygiene and safety have always been among our values, and it is in our nature to do so at all times. We will continue our regimen of enhanced cleaning and disinfection in all areas of our hotel.

The legal requirement for self-isolation has now been removed, replaced with advice to those who test positive for coronavirus that they should stay at home and avoid contact with other people for at least five days.

Our team and training

We teach all team members to follow the standard clinical handwashing regimen from day one and have always done so. We have our own 8-step handwashing routine that our employees are required to follow every time.

We continue to invest in better training. Since 2018, our company has established our own Highfield Compliance Approved Training Center, which means we provide Highfield Certified Qualifications in Food Safety Management and various other safety disciplines to key department managers and chefs at all of our hotels.

You can rest assured that we maintain the same high standards of cleanliness behind the house as we do in our guest rooms, and we've taken steps to ensure that our employees are also socially distant.

Our hotel

We pride ourselves on a 5-star food hygiene rating, so you can be assured that cleanliness, hygiene and safe handling of food and drink have always been high on our agenda.

Working with our partners at Diversey, we have identified the most suitable cleaning products that are effective against coronavirus, and we use them in our hotel.

We have developed a comprehensive enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedure, as well as guidelines that cover all areas of our hotel.

Room service is offered so that you can enjoy extra privacy and comfort.

Your room

We promise that our experienced housekeepers will take care and time to ensure that your bedroom is thoroughly cleaned and completely disinfected, following detailed disinfection procedures and paying special attention to areas that are frequently touched, such as TV remotes, taps and phones.

Where there are tea and coffee supplies, they are of course properly cleaned and disinfected between arrivals.

We provide our cleaning service while you are not in your room, let us know if you have a preferred time to do so.

You can let us know if you would prefer that our maids not enter your room at all during your stay, just let us know when you arrive. We will be happy to provide clean towels and toiletries to your door as you wish.

All of our bedrooms are provided with individual toiletries, which, as always, are disposed of after each guest's departure.


During some spa treatments, our therapists may continue to wear facial masks. Facial covers are optional for guests, who may make their own personal choice during treatments.

All facilities, including poolside, locker rooms and equipment, are subject to an enhanced cleaning and disinfection program using disinfectants effective against coronavirus. Our enhanced regime includes our spa treatment rooms, all surfaces and fixtures are disinfected between each treatment and, as always, all linens are changed.

Our pool water treatment and disinfection has always been performed to our high standards, and our qualified pool equipment operators continue to work diligently to do so.


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